This cheese comes from a particular area of the country, situated in the Jura Mountain Range where the climate is harsh and the fields are rich with flowers and grasses.

It has a Guaranteed Quality Label (AOC)

Comté cheese is 100% natural, without additives or colouring, and is made using traditional methods.

The Guaranteed Quality Label (AOC) guarantees strict and rigorous verification of its origins and production methods.

Comté cheese is made from the milk of Montbéliarde cows.

Two consecutive draws (500 litres of milk) are needed in making a batch of Comté cheese. The curdled milk is cut, churned and heated for 40 minutes.

The curdled milk is then placed in circular wooden boxes and pressed while additional procedures are executed.

This entire operation lasts from 4 to 12 months and allows the paste to develop its unique flavour, with the help of those who are in charge of the maturing process.

Comté cheese is made in 200 cheese houses that collectively produce 40,000 tonnes of cheese per year.

Comté, the pride of the region

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